How to type geometric symbols on a keyboard?

Do you want to type geometric symbols such as triangles, circles, squares, and other shapes on your keyboard?

It can be difficult to find the right buttons and keys necessary to do this. But don’t worry – it’s easier than you think! With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be typing geometric symbols in no time.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to type geometric symbols on a keyboard. From unicode characters to special programs and apps, we’ll discuss all of the options available for adding these shapes to your documents quickly and easily.

So if you need help expressing yourself with shapes in your writing or creative projects, then read on!

– What Are Geometric Symbols?

Geometric symbols are a diverse set of symbols used to represent shapes and figures in mathematics, engineering, and other fields. They can range from basic symbols like circles, squares and triangles to more complex shapes such as parabolas or ellipses. Geometric symbols are also used to denote angles, directions, rotations, and distances.

The most common geometric symbols include: ∆ (triangle), ◊ (diamond), △ (scalene triangle), ⋄ (rhombus or parallelogram) , □ (square), ⊿ (rectangle), ◯ (circle), ∇ (inverse triangle) , ∠(angle) , ᐃ(ray). There are also more complex shapes such as arcs or curves that can be represented with geometric symbols such as an ellipse: ⤨ or a curve line: ƶ . Other geometric symbols exist to represent certain specific operations, such as the perpendicular symbol “⊥” which is used to denote two lines that intersect at right angles.

Geometric symbols can be used for a variety of applications, from construction and engineering plans to math equations. They can also be used for artistic purposes in graphics design projects.

– Using Unicode Characters

Using Unicode characters is a great way to type geometric symbols on a keyboard. Unicode characters are universal and can be used with most internet browsers, text editors, and graphical applications. To access the Unicode characters, you must use a combination of keys.

For example, a triangle symbol can be typed using the combination of ALT + 9651. In order to use this combination, you must hold down the ALT key while typing in the numbers 9651 on your number pad. This will insert the triangle symbol wherever your cursor is located.

To access other geometric symbols like squares, circles or hexagons, you need to look up their specific numerical code on sites such as or These sites list thousands of Unicode characters and their respective numeric codes that you can use to type them into your documents and webpages.

When typing these codes into any text editor or webpage make sure you are using your numeric pad (not the numbers above the letters) or else it won’t work properly. Additionally, you may need to adjust your keyboard settings before being able to type some special characters – such as those from languages other than English – depending on which operating system you’re using (Windows, MacOS etc.).

– Special Programs and Apps

For those who need to type geometric symbols on a keyboard and are not familiar with Unicode characters, there are a few special programs and apps that may be useful. The first is the MathType software, which is designed for scientific and mathematical work. It comes with a library of over 1000 symbols, including basic geometry symbols such as circles, squares, triangles, and more. It can be used to write equations in either LaTeX or MathML formats, as well as insert geometric symbols quickly and easily into documents.

Another option is the Symbolab online calculator app. Besides being able to solve equations and other math-related problems, it also has a library of various geometric symbols that can be inserted by selecting them from a menu. The app also allows users to add their own custom symbols if they wish.

Finally, there are a few webpages dedicated specifically to providing collections of unicode characters for inserting into documents. These websites often provide information about how to use the characters in different applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Some examples include and With these sites users can find the exact symbol they need without having to search through thousands of Unicode characters manually.

– Tips and Tricks for Typing Geometric Symbols on a Keyboard

Typing geometric symbols on a keyboard isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There are several different ways to easily type out different geometric shapes and symbols using your keyboard. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you get started:

1. First, make sure you have the correct language set in your device settings. This will ensure that you can access all the necessary symbols for typing out geometric shapes and symbols.

2. While some special characters can be typed directly from your keyboard, many require the use of a special character map or menu to locate them first. To access this menu, press the “Alt” key plus another key specific to your operating system (i.e., Windows, Mac OSX). From here, you can select the desired symbol from the list provided.

3. Unicode is a great way to quickly type out geometric shapes without having to search through character maps or menus. You can find Unicode codes for various symbols online or even using software such as Microsoft Office Wordpad and Apple TextEdit. To input these codes into any text editor, simply press Control + Shift + U followed by the four-digit code for the desired symbol (e.g., 25A0 for a black square).

4. For more complex shapes such as triangles or circles, you may need to use vector drawing software like Adobe Illustrator to draw them out precisely using lines and curves before inserting them into your document as an image file (e.g., .png or .jpeg).

5. Finally, if you need a quick solution for typing out a single geometric symbol in a hurry, you can always take advantage of online “symbol generators” which generate images of popular symbols such as hearts and stars at the click of a button!

By following these tips and tricks, typing geometric symbols on your keyboard should become much easier! Whether it’s through searching for Unicode codes online or taking advantage of symbol generators on the web – there are plenty of options available for quickly typing out whatever shape you need!

– Conclusion

Typing geometric symbols on a keyboard can be a tricky task. Depending on your type of keyboard, some symbols may not be available or easily accessible. However, there are several ways to type out geometric symbols on both PC and Mac keyboards.